Human Resources


Human Resources Management Vision
To make industry leading human resource management by converging talent strength, and to become the driving force of business, achievements and enterprise through gathering, selection and training industry elite talent. With "people-oriented, full ability-used” internal atmosphere and core team, to create unity, innovation, development and win-win strategy for the best industry platform.
Human Resources Management Mission 
Form the core competitiveness of the company's human capital, and realize its unique and unrepeatable through continuous efforts and improvement. Provide the indispensable partners who can meet the needs of company development and management improvement and employment grow-up by professional human resources support and services, and become the core of the company's performance drivers, the discoverer of the management problems, agents of change and strategic partners for the development of the company.
Human Resources Management Objective

Establish organizational structure which is consistent with the enterprise development, build the core competence and high business pattern matching, operation efficiency and in order, controllable human resource risk control model
Take the initiative to find optimization needs of business development and management, guide or proactively put forward problem solutions or measures.
Establish a standardized, relatively perfect , coordinated and efficient human resources control system  


Gradually improve daily human resources work
Continuously optimize the required business model of routing based on electronic information management system of personnel training, promotion and development 
Set up and improve the middle or high level executive management in the medium and long term incentive mechanism


Implement talent strategy transformed from the scale conversion to specialization and elitism,  and achieve the goal of talent highland in the industry
Promote the industry value and the influence of the core management team by " the near one pleases and the far one comes " cultural atmosphere and through the combination of internal training and external selection
Achieve and maintain the industry leading level of human resources management with excellent professional team of human resource management