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Shandong Yabo Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2009, Apr. 28th, Yabaite’s subsidiary-Shandong Yabaite Metal Structure System Co.,Ltd was established.
  • 2009, July 9th, Yabaite’s subsidiary Shandong Yabaite set up its branch company Shanghai Mengfusi Construction and Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 2009,Sept.,6MW solar photovoltaic power generation system designed and established by Yabaite for Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station on the line of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed railway system put into operation, being the first and biggest distributed roofing power station in Asia.
  • 2009---now, Yabaite has obtained over 70 patents and technology certifications.
  • 2009---now, Yabaite has gained Top-grade Intelligence of Metal Roofing (facade) Design and Construction, Top-grade subcontractor qualification of China metal envelopment system and the First-Level subcontractor qualification of steel structure engineering.
  • 2009---now, Yabaite has been awarded as Top ten Enterprise of 2013 Yearly Metal Roofing (Façade) Construction, Top three Enterprise of 2014 Yearly Metal Envelopment System, Top ten National-level Enterprise of Steel Structure Construction and AAA Credit Enterprise, and has won dozens of prizes, such as Golden Price for Steel Structure, and Jinyu Price.

  • 2014, Nov., 13th., Yabaite’s subsidiary Shanghai Mengfusi Construction and Technology Co., Ltd renamed as Shanghai Mengfusi New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., focusing its business on distributed photovoltaic system.
  • 2014, Yabaite’s construction output value is over 500 million RMB, leading far ahead in the industry.
  • 2014, Dec., 23th, Yabaites subsidiary Shandong Yabaite Metal Structure System Co., Ltd renamed as Shandong Yabaite Technology Co.Ltd.
  • 2015, Yabaite participated many big projects such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Jiangsu Grand Theater, Meixi Lake Cultural and Art Center, with project scale, difficulty and technology top level in the world, which marked Yabaite has stepped forwards with leading technology of world level.
  • 2015, Aug.,5th, Yabaite was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Small-medium Enterprise Board with stock code of 002323, as the first enterprise in listed in metal roofing envelopment industry and renamed as Jiangsu Yabaite Technology Co.,Ltd
  • 2015, Nov., 27th, Shandong Yabaite Technology Co., Ltd wholly took over Shenzhen Sanyi Construction System Co.,Ltd with 100% shareholding.
  • 2015, Yabaite was awarded “Best Listed Enterprise on Small-medium Board”.
  • 2015, Chairman Mr. Lu Yong was awarded “2015 The Most Respectable Chairman of China’s Listed Enterprises”
  • 2015, Yabaite was granted with “2015 The Outstanding Board of directors of China’s Listed Enterprises ”
  • 2015, Yabaite was awarded with Golden Cicade Price---2015 Yearly Brand Innovation Price at the 8th Investor Annual Meeting.
  • On Feb 26, 2016, A strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony between the company and Anhui Sun Create Electronics Co., Ltd was held in Shanghai, which is officially declared that Yabaite formally enters intelligent architecture, intelligent city, and security city and so forth new business areas.
  • On March 25, 2016, the subsidiary company, Shandong Yabaite Scientific Co., Ltd bought China Majesty Structure Design Office Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as China Majesty Office ) and China Majesty Steel Structure Design Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as China Majesty Steel Structure) 90% of the stock rights, at this point, both China Majesty Office and China Majesty Steel Structure become the holding subsidiary company of Shandong Yabaite.
  • On May 14, 2016, in the national steel structure conference, Yong Lu, the president of the company, had the honor to receive the title of “2015 National Steel Structure Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur”
  • In November 2016, the company was nominated as “China Enterprise Credit Top 500”
  • On Nov 20, 2016, grand opening ceremony for “Building water proof industry occupational skills training base” and “National building material industry special worker occupational skills qualification training base” , both of which lands in Yabaite, was held.
  • In December 2016, the company ascended to “2016 China Listed Company Brand Top 100”.
  • In Jan 2017, the company acquired the “Golden Cicada Award” at its tenth session and the honored title of “2016 Annual Innovation Growth-type Enterprise”.