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Phoenix spreading the wings, boosting the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region – The first bi


In recent days, after winning the bid of Guangzhou Baiyun airport, Xinzhen International airport, Kunming Changshui Airport, again, Shandong Yabaite has been awarded another contract of project of Beijing New Airport. In fierce competition with other companies with strong strength, Yabaite successfully got the tender of the third section of roofing project inclusive of passenger terminal building, integrated transfer center, parking building and integrated services building, which has embodied an excellent beginning of the year of 2017.  


With high requirement to this bid, top leaders in the company attached great importance, made exquisite preparation, and clarified jobs and responsibility in terms of this project. All staffs from the company especially the department of commerce embraced the challenge, hold together, worked overtime, prepared bid document in a highly efficient manner with high quality before the expiration date. Eventually, by virtue of good company reputation, rich industry experience, strong technique strength and improved quality assurance system, Yabaite successfully won the recognition of tendering unit and awarded with the final contract.

Beijing New Airport is an essential and supportive infrastructure construction to resolve aircraft hardware capacity saturation in Beijing area, promote integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and upgrade Chinese economic development. The building acreage is over 1,200,000sqm, annual passenger handling capacity is up to 100,000,000 person-time, which will be the biggest airport existing around the globe upon being put into service. The joint-design team of the airport integrated the principle of APDI and the idea of Zaha Hadid team, with deepening design performed by design institute of China, made it like a phoenix spreading the wings while overlooking it, which has been chosen as one of the seven latest super engineering in the world. 

Beijing new airport concept plan

Yabaite stands out of multiple of competitors, which is out of question, one time again, the recognition to the company regarding comprehensive strength, engineering level, and brand value, which is conducive to promote businesses, expand markets, and improve the market competitiveness, eventually to push strategic upgrade of company businesses.