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Yabaite to successfully rise to “Chinese Enterprises Credit Top 500”


In November, the Expert Review Committee of Chinese Enterprises Scientific Development Conference, relying on 3 pieces of weight evaluation element of enterprise credit environment, credit capacity, and credit behavior, and 2 pieces of basic evaluation element of credit willingness and credit management, total 20 pieces of main evaluation element and 45 pieces of subordinate element, has awarded Yabaite as one of the enterprises of “Chinese Enterprise Credit Top 500”. The Conference specially telegraphed congratulations to Yabaite, and made decision that the“2017 Chinese Enterprises Scientific Development Conference and the 8th Chinese Enterprises Credit Gala” would be held on Jan 2017 in Sanya, Hainan province, to announce all the nominated enterprises on the list.


Chinese Enterprises Scientific Development Conference Organizing Committee telegraphed congratulation letter

Credit management, as an important system in modern enterprises management, makes direct impact on credit and image of enterprises, so to speak, it’s the intangible property and core competitiveness of enterprises. In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, development of the credit management system of enterprises lags behind. In face of the big challenge of economy downturn and fierce competition from both at home and abroad, the government needs to carry out instruction and monitoring to credit management of enterprises in an active manner. 

       It’s reported that Yabaite has acquired the second year in a row the title of “Yearly Chinese Architectural Steel Structure 5A Integrity Enterprise”, and boasts achievements attracting eyesight as well as highly recognized enterprise credit within the industry. The nomination of “2016 Chinese Enterprise Credit Top 500”is not only a recognition to good business operation and capacity of Yabaite, but also a recognition to Yabaite’s enterprise credit rating. It’s not only in a further step improved the company’s integrated competitiveness, but also activated the enthusiasm of enterprises in nationwide, which will lead development of enterprise credit management in full dimension in enterprises in all fields.