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Yabaite contributes to warm people in disaster area in city of Yancheng


      On 23th June, Part of area in Funing and Sheyang in city of Yancheng in Jiangsu province has encountered tornado, hail, strong wind in thunderstorm, short-time heavy rainfall, strong lightening and so forth strong convection disastrous weather, and resulted in a lot of casualties and property damages. After the disaster happened, Tongli Gu, the board director and financial director of Yabaite, entrusted by the company’s board of director, with the company’s profound sentiment of friendship, donates 1,000,000 RMB to charity society in Yandu district, all of which will be guaranteed in use of self-help production and rebuilding after disaster for people suffered in the disaster affected area. Zhi Chen, standing vice chairman of the district, and Chenghu Zhu, chairman of entrepreneur society, has spoken highly of this kindness.

While interviewed by reporters in the area, Tongli Gu said: “Yabaite has heard of the disaster since the morning by yesterday, we’re worried about people suffered in the affected area, after the president of the company understands the situation of the disaster, he decided to offer our help with 1,000,000 RMB. We hope that we can gather together, get through the difficulty and rebuild our home” 

Gu told the reporters, Yabaite is a company holding business of metal roofing envelopment, new energy, and intelligent roofing. As the only one listed company in Yandu area in city of Yancheng, Yabaite will abide by the tenet of “get both fish and paw, develop scientific technology, keep sustainable development, benefit the society” and spare no effort to participate in rebuilding work in the disaster area.

The nature is ruthless while the human is sentient being, Yabaite sent its help to disaster area in city of Yancheng, which has conveyed its determination of hands together and through the difficulty together with people in disaster area.