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Yabaite Rises up to “2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100” and Acquired Golden Cicada Award of


Recently, Yabaite has successfully risen to “2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100”, and rewarded with golden cicada award of“2016 Yearly Innovation growth-type enterprise”, which has answered the year of 2016 in satisfaction with outstanding achievements. 

Yabaite acquired the honor of “2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100”

“2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100”was awarded in the 11th Asian Brand Award Gala. According to the big strategy of brand power at present, Asian Brand Gala newly adds list of“2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100”for announcement. 

Golden Cicada Award” tries to find the most powerful financial institute by the end of each year, with creation of fortune as the core standard, boasting the title of “Finances and Economics Oscar” within the industry. By virtue of excellent innovation capacity and fast development in 2016, Yabaite obtained the title of honour“2016 Yearly Innovation Growth-type Enterprise”

Yabaite obtained honor of “2016 Yearly Innovation Growth-type Enterprise”

       At present, great promotion of “one belt, one road”, the trend of the times of innovation and starting a business, and “internet +” action plan has brought about development opportunities and policy advantages for Chinese brand construction. Over the past two years since the company went public, Yabaite has always adhered to the strategic orientation of “dedicated to build first-class in the world the breathable metal roofing system, to become the leader of green energy saving and intelligent city”, and build the brand popularity and reputation in subdivided industries, highlighting the value of brand. Relying on “high construction standard, strict construction requirement, exact construction schedule”, Yabaite has successfully completed the construction of a group of landmark projects such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station, Jiangsu Grand Theater, Fuzhou Olympic Center, Changsha Meixihu International Artist and Cultural Center, which has won a lot of compliment within the industry. In 2016, Yabaite has acquired for the third time in a row the title of “Yearly Architectural Metal Roofing (wall) Builder Top Ten” and for the second time in a row the title of “Yearly Chinese Architectural Steel Structure Integrity Enterprise 5A”, which has made the brand of “Yabaite” enjoyed not only in nationwide but also around the globe.  

“2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100”

       When elaborately build up the image of brand, Yabaite hasn’t stopped to make continuous efforts to get reform and innovation, guided by the market, performance growth has become the leader within the industry. In 2016, another 21 pieces of utility model and invention patent have been newly added to the company, which has made it a great leader in the industry. In 2016, the company has been rewarded with multiple of big project contract in a row, such as Hong kong–Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Port, Zunyi Olympic Sports Training Base, Ningbo Olympic Center, Nanchan International Expo City, and so forth. Business performance keeps state of sustainable growth.   

Embracing industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerating layout of capital market is another highlight of development for Yabaite in 2016. Right after buying Shenzhen Sanyi Architectural System Co., Ltd in 2015, which has rich experiences in overseas project bid and construction site management, Yabaite bought 90% of stock right of China Majesty Structure Design Office Co., Ltd and China Majesty Steel Structure Design Co., Ltd in 2016, extend to upstream industrial chain, and promote integration of industrial chain through a series of capital operation.

The 10th Golden Cicada Award “2016 Annual Innovation Growth-Type Enterprise”

The “2016 Chinese Listed Company Brand Top 100” and Golden Cicada Award of“2016 Annual Innovation Growth-Type Enterprise” is not only the affirmation and encouragement to brand of “Yabaite”, but also a recognition of its impact on financial capital market, to build up a firm foundation for Yabaite to realize both industrial business and capital operation, safeguard Yabaite walk into a broader international market in the coming future.